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Filled to the Shills: Minx

Minx Restaurant & Lounge must've had an onslaught of business on October 11, because the next day, there were nothing but raves posted on the Los Angeles Times reader reviews. "Brian from North Hollywood" writes:

MINX is sure to be a success. The architecture of the building is incredible. The bar area is spacious with a unique contemporary design. The outdoor patio is cozy and comfortable. The dining area is fun, romantic and uniquely modern. The menu is full of surprises. I enjoyed the shrimp tempura along with the prime sirloin and lobster; simply divine. Oh, and don't forget desert, at MINX it's to die for. After dinner, check out the dance floor in the club. Great sound system and cool lighting.

The use of proper punctuation and words like "unique contemporary design," and pumping the prime sirloin and lobster = shill probability of 150%.

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