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Bloodsucking Bourdain in L.A.

It's amazing the frenzy Tony Bourdain doesn't cause when he's in town. The blogger Eat Drink & Be Merry was hand-picked to host Anthony Bourdain in Thai Town for a "No Reservations" episode. The mission: To eat soup made with blood. The producers found EDBM on his other blog, Noodle Whore. Even in Thai Town, rolling cameras don't cause a frenzy:

He stood up and walked outside of the restaurant to film the shot of him walking into Sapp Coffee Shop. I sat there and took a deep breath and all of a sudden... pure silence. I turned around and gave one last look at everyone in the restaurant. The cameraman stood next to me, anticipating Anthony's entrance. The patrons, who really didn't give a f*ck about what was going on, were still inhaling their food.

It's always interesting to see what Bourdain does in his own country. Last time he was in L.A. he went to Pink's and Koreatown. He once said that "without the warplanes," Beirut could be Los Angeles. Whatever that means. The show airs in January on the Travel Channel.

Anthony Bourdain: A Lunch to Remember (Eat Drink & Be Merry)