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Top Chef: Bettywatch '06

We think Top Chef will get down to a good old-fashioned East Coast vs. West Coast rap war with L.A.'s Betty Fraser vs. NYC's Sam Talbot. Ok, so our big brother in NYC signs our paychecks, but we have to side with the local gal because (1) she has more experience and (2) she's cuter. Even if Sam has been voted one of NYC's 10 sexiest chefs, did you see the group picture of all the contestants? Betty is the minx in the red dress, sans chef coat. Me-ow!. She co-owns Grub, a cute breakfast and lunch nook tucked away on a side street in Hollywood's post-production land, and we're sure she'll take her tricks of the trade to the mattresses in every quickfire and elimination challenge. She and Sam were tete-a-tete in the first quickfire challenge, and Betty wowed both the judges and her peers in the elimation round. We think there's going to be more of that to come. Go, Betty, go!

Top Chef (Top Chef)
Grub (Grub website)