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Mariani Likes Cut, He Really, Really, Likes It

Esquire's Best New Restaurant List came out in the November issue, and although it has a smattering of NYC and SF restaurants--plus the enviable Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas--the mag put the Beverly Wilshire's steakhouse, Cut, at the top of the list, named as Best New Restaurant of the Year. We like that John Mariani called attention to the over-designed executive cafeteria ambience (our thoughts exactly), but somewhere between the pound of butter dripping from the corners of his mouth and the $120-an-ounce Wagyu beef he inhales, he decides that he loves the not-so-typical steakhouse fare from uberchef Wolfgang Puck and his proteges Lee Hefter and Co. Still, even he wasn't expecting much. Kudos to Cut.
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