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Mozza Lives!

From our big brother's mailbag, a hungry Curbed LA reader writes in:

You guys are letting me down! I rely on you to provide me information on when things open, but, as I was driving down Highland by Melrose, I saw a peculiar sight. That sight was Mozza. Your last post about the new Batali eatery merely stated that it had a sign up, but as I drove by tonight, it was open! Crowded with people, and with a valet parking station outside. I trust you'll never fail me again.

First, we had dates. We had a first look. Then we had signage. Now, it seems the lights are on, but the ovens aren't hot enough yet. We found the "coming soon" website, which points to two separate restaurants. We called Pizzeria Mozza and were told by a Bataliesque voice that the restaurant is not open yet, but they will start taking reservations the week of Oct. 31. So we called the other number, for Osteria Mozza, and a motherly Italian voice told us the osteria is not open yet, but to call the pizzeria. We can do what one Chowhounder did and buy our way into a charity event being held at the restaurant on Nov. 5. Anything to be the first to taste the sweet, oozing Batali-Silverton partnership.

As for letting you down, our fine friend: Never again. Because now little sis' Eater LA is here, and we can leave our greedy big brother to his four hotels on Park Place, all the utilities, and control of the bank.