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Me, myself and Irene do: Piccolo Ristorante Italiano

Not that there's a dearth of new restaurants to review in this town, but S. Irene Virbila took a week off and went to a restaurant she's been to before. Piccolo Ristorante in Venice has been around for a mere two years or so, but it warranted a second full review in Irene's eyes--and two stars. We learn about her delcious, casual meal, written in a way that leads us to believe she's been there many, many, many, many times before. The owner going out of his way--literally--was the dead giveaway:

On this night, the tables out front are taken, and Vittorio Viotti, the affable new co-owner, hurries over. "Let me see if I can borrow a table," he tells us, and heads down the block to the cafe on the corner.
We're curious to know if the "affable" Vittorio would trapse down the street for chairs for just anyone, or if it's only for the "anonymous" LA Times food critic. This week, the "S" stands for "not-so-secret."
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