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BettyWatch '06: "Top Chef" Drama

Things are heating up on "Top Chef." Those blasted contestants accused our sweet and sexy Betty of cheating on episode 4 this week. Last week, Betty ruled the firehouse with one of her signature dishes--grilled cheese and soup (closely mimicking her three-cheese grilled cheese and tomato soup "afterschool special" on the menu at Grub), which will be featured on the TGIF menu one day. Even better, Baddabing Betty gave that smarmy "I'm too good to cook for firemen" Ilan a few words about his smarmy attitude. This week, the passive-aggressive Sam alerts the judges to someone's cheating in the elimination challenge, but won't step up to the plate and accuse who. Mia comes right out and says that it was Betty, who tweaked her meringue cookie recipe between day one and day two, which was against the rules. Long story short, Betty's teary apologies led the judges to say that no one will go home this week because it was all too confusing. So Betty stays, as do the others, even lazy, sloppy Mike whose frat boy antics will surely get the best of him soon. All that, plus the pixie-like Suzanne Goin from A.O.C. and Lucques was the guest judge… for an episode that led the chefs to cook for chubby "weight-loss camp" kids.

All drama aside, seems that little Miss Betty's performance has garnered attention to her little café that could: Grub is now making regular appearances on's "Most Viewed by Users" list. Go Betty, Go!


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