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Eater Inside: Mozza really lives!

Batalitonianich's Pizzeria Mozza had its big opening day yesterday, so we decided to brave the masses and tuck in for an early dinner. The room was smallish, burnt with orange and charcoal blue hues, with two bars (one for wines and pizza, the other for pizzas and wine), and a fairly calm staff for opening day of one of the most talked about restaurants in town. Roaming the hallowed floors were Nancy Silverton herself, manager David Rosoff, and the big guy… no, not Mario, but Joe Bastianich. (Sitting at the bar, we heard one staff member say that Mario won't be in until December.) Right before the first rush, Nancy donned an apron, went behind the pizza bar and tried to look busy; Joe lingered around the hostess stand. We asked one guy how the pizza was, and he said, mouth full of dough, "It's f**king great." Around the second rush, we noticed Kirsten "Kiki" Dunst sitting at a table near the door, fallen chef Jessica from "Hell's Kitchen: Season 1" vying for a table, and that chick who played Joey Potter's college roommate on "Dawson's Creek" sitting at the bar. We assume the third seating brought in even more A-D listers, but we couldn't wait around for the show. We did, however, get a chuckle at the plea found at the bottom of our check:


Oh, and the pizza was pretty much f**king great.

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