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Open: Slicing into Vertical Wine Bistro

Shiny and new, The Knife, from Variety's film editor Dana Harris, cuts deep into Vertical Wine Bistro which opened just last week. She describes the Old Town Pasadena spot while looking through a Hollywood lens: deep-pocketed producer (Gale Anne Hurd, The Terminator) moved to the 'burbs, couldn't find a good spot for wine, joined forces with a few people from recently closed restaurants and voila! a new wine bar is born. Since it's on the second floor of a building, on a block known only for two long-standing restaurants—Yujean Kang and Xiomara—completely off the main Colorado Boulevard drag, Harris doesn't have the highest hopes:

On paper, Vertical Wine Bistro could suggest a particular kind of doom. It's all about small plates and wines by the glass, two current trends (meaning, at some point, they won't be). However, the kiss of death would seem to be its location. Who goes to Pasadena?
We'll venture to gather that Pasadeans go to Pasadena, but maybe not of the Variety-reading variety. Still, looks like more independents are moving in to the neighborhood in hopes of giving the Cheesecake Factory a run for its money. Of course, Cheesecake Factory diners might not be interested in a 400 bottle wine list, but still.
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