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Eater on Location: Angelique Cafe

In a town that was built on, caters to, and runs on the hum of the Hollywood machine, we can't ignore the fact that even our restaurants make cameos in TV commercials, shows and movies. Thus, Eater on Location, here to highlight what might be missed in that 2.5 second spot, but clogged the street for three days for filming. Saw something we missed? Let us know.

We saw this spot, honestly, we forget...but it caught our attention because we noticed this dapper young chap walking out of downtown's charming Angelique Cafe. He left the cafe and continuted through a series of car chases, things blowing up, all the while sipping his cup of joe. We can't remember what the heck the point of the commercial was, but by the looks of Film L.A.'s street closure map, to the downtown denizen, that's every day life.
· Angelique Cafe [Official site]
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