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Blind Slice: The restaurant, the critic, her husband, and their money

If we're going to kick things off, might as well do it right--with some good old-fashioned gossip. Every now and then Eater LA will hear a rumor so toasty, we'll have to slick a tab of butter on it to help it go down. From here on in, these items will be known as Eater's Blind Slice. Got something hot in the oven? Let us know and we'll have a big slab of the creamy stuff awaitin'.

Which main restaurant critic's husband is a known investor in a number of the restaurants said critic has critiqued? Several sources told us that one such place is a standout seafood spot that received a much-coveted three-star rating. Avid fans might remember that this heralded restaurant had a few months to get its bearings together before it was honored with such high praise, which is fair and just; however, such treatment doesn't get doled out to all of the venues she the critic examines, which is where the problem lies.