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EaterWire Inbox: Special Edition*

Welcome to EaterWire, all the restaurant news that fits in your mouth. Look for ongoing breaking news, letters that fill our inbox, news we found on the wires, and everything in between. Got something for the tip jar? Drop it on in.

We're barely a day old, and people are already dropping oozy stories in our inbox. The juiciest: There's an imperceptible whisper floating around that Sunset Beach, the brand new white sail-fronted, South Beach-meets-Sunset Strip mega-restaurant in West Hollywood, is already on the chopping block. From the Eater LA inbox:

I have some gossip from a reliable source that Sunset Beach is closing soon. That’s all I’ve heard but I’ll keep you posted as more gossip comes in.
Although this isn't the most shocking news, it is hard to swallow because Sunset Beach has its grand opening party tomorrow (red carpet! celebrities!)—which we'll be reporting on the day after—but it is interesting timing. When we went to South Beach in its first week, our waiter mentioned that the former place, the drunk factory Dublin's, lost their liquor license, so Sunset Beach couldn't be just another Sunset Strip watering hole until all the licensing was in place. It had to serve food. But it has been packed for private events from the get go, so the chances that its already losing money are slim. But like any La La Land storyline, we'll have more developments as they come in.

*UPDATE: We hear that Sunset Beach, as a restaurant, is currently and officially closed "for organizational purposes." But the space remains open for private events; thus, the grand opening soiree. They will reopen "sometime soon." Apparently, that sometime soon is in a few days.

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