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Welcome to Eater LA

Welcome to Eater LA, a clearing house and temple for all things related to eating and drinking in Tinseltown. The aim here is to obsess about the Los Angeles restaurant and nightlife scene until we're all so over it that we're excited about it again. Eater comes to you straight from New York, where the show has been performed nightly since July 2005. Recently the nice folks at Food & Wine had this to say about us.

We're excited to be landing in LA, where the sushi bar to citizen ratio is an impressive 2:1. As our sister site Curbed LA does for real estate, Eater LA comes at restaurants from a neighborhood perspective. We're as interested in how each newcomer (and old standby) impacts its corner of the city as we are about whether the food is any good. (Okay, we care about that too.)

Today is the very beginning, so please excuse the fresh paint odor and the guy unpacking cases of wine at the bar; we'll be on to meatier affairs very shortly.

Do come in and take a look. Your feedback, contributions and jaded disposition will always be welcome here. And now, without further ado, we turn it over to Lesley Balla, who will be your editor for the duration.

-- Ben Leventhal & Lockhart Steele