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Top Chef Badabing Betty's T.G.I.F. folly

We know we're restricted to the confines of our geographic borders, but we can't help pointing out Meredith Brody, who used to write restaurant reviews for the New Times LA before it folded, taking a stab at Tom Colicchio, Top Chef, and local gal Badabing Betty's episode-winning sandwich now gracing T.G.I.F. menus across the country. Though not main subject of today's review (for 'witchcraft, which just opened in SF), the review of Betty's sandwich is positively painful:

…sloppily made, soggy grilled cheese, aka Tuscan Portobello Melt, dripping moisture from its roasted onions and tomatoes, alongside an odd-handled cup of sludgy lukewarm sweet soup… the worst meal I've (partially) eaten in some time.
To be fair, Betty's not cooking that sandwich at T.G.I.F. (at least we hope). Perhaps we can invite the NoCal reviewer to try Betty's "Afterschool Special" grilled cheese and tomato soup at Grub.
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