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EaterWire: Real underground dining, Zagat reservation tips, restaurant design awards

· A reader ruefully writes in about Kaz, an underground restaurant that puts all other underground restaurants to shame, and you can only get in by knowing someone: "It's a Japanese meat restaurant where you start at one end of the cow and end at the other. It is by far the greatest thing around. The problem is, the day you write about it, it will stop being cool". Oops. [EaterWire]

· Zagat offers tips on how to—and not to—get a table at the hard-to-get-table places around the country. Tip #1: Dropping the chef's name to the chef's wife won't get you too far, especially at Grace. Tip #2: Nobody cares if you're dying. [Zagat]

· At a recent ceremony, the American Institue of Architects (AIA) doled out restaurant design awards to CUT (even though it looks like a cafeteria), Sprinkles Cupcakes, and oddly, the Westfield Century City dining terrace; odder still, Houston's. [Mediabistro]