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ELEVEN Revealed, set to open Dec. 29

Yesterday we got a sneak peek at ELEVEN, the WeHo restaurant-nightclub that was supposed to open October. We were bummed investor Sid Krofft wasn't available to show us around because we really wanted to talk Sleastacks and H.R. Pufunstuf with him, plus we're told he's an enthusiastic tour guide. Instead, managing partner Rich Grossi--also enthusiastic--talked about the history of the building (former bank, an original for the neighborhood), his chef (Vincent Manna, formerly L'Orangerie, Spago, Maple Drive), and the concept (high design, casual day dining, lounge, formal restaurant, live music venue). The building is huge, so they might be able to carry it all off.

One thing to look forward to is the hydraulic tables that lower when the restaurant becomes a lounge every night at 11pm. We think it's ambitious to think a restaurant will magically become a nightclub with the drop of a table, but it sounds really cool. The Jr. publicist gave us a December opening date; the Sr. publicist said January. Grossi cleared it up for us: December 29, soft opening; January 17 full-steam ahead.

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The upstairs dining room looks over the room to a stage for live music and DJs

The renovated historic facade looks spiffy