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Eater Mail Bag Special Edition: Is Pinkberry multiplying... or mutating?

Ok, so we don't have a comments board, but don't think we don't want to hear from you. Send us your thoughts, goss, praise, photos and the like. Look for more Eater Mail Bag as the days progress.

No matter how much we zoom in we can't really make out this picture, but the person that sent it in says it's SNOWBERRY, located in a strip mall at Western and 6th. There's a "coming soon" banner out front. Can you see the little fruits dancing at the top? He asks, "Is this a distant cousing of Pinkberry?" Maybe it is the cheaper, more tawdry version of overpriced froyo. Let the berry wars begin!

On that frozen note, another reader sent word that one Pinkberry can't get its, uh, berries all in a row: "The store on Larchmont is closed until after Christmas. They opened for one week then closed. I guess they are still working out the kinks. btw. I am not really into frozen yogurt." Turns out it was just a permit issue or something, and the Larchmont-area folk can rejoice over their Pinkberry.

See how that works friends? Keep the good stuff comin'...
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