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EaterWire: Shakey's, Sugar, USC vs. UCLA bar fight

· Our big brother Curbed reports that Shakey's adapts to 20th Century: "The pizza chain has gone through a redesign to accomodate the new Mozza loving consumer and his family." [Curbed LA]

· Sugar, which was supposed to have an opening party on Tuesday and tomorrow, had to cancel. Damn those liquor laws! No date set for real party or opening yet. [LA.COMfidential]

· A reader dropped a hint that Angelique Café, the downtown French café, is in escrow for a second time. Maybe that's why they gave in to filming industry. How much does that usually pay? [Eater LA]

· Although every USC and UCLA frat boy and sorority sister—and those who wish they still were—converge on Pasadena for a little cross-town football rivalry in a few days, we find out where they get their drink on in Westwood and downtown. [LA Times]

· Speaking of UCLA, a student covered a lecture with some of LA's prominent female chefs to commemorate the book "How I Learned to Cook" at the central library. Apparently dealing with rank fish drawers, nasty French men, and getting tanked at the nearest bar are as important as knife skills. [UCLA Bruin]