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BREAKING! Cynthia packs up her tirades and goes home

Cynthia Hirsch is no longer affiliated with her eponymous comfort food restaurant on Third Street. Hirsch's tirades were the stuff of legend, but she did make a mean fried chicken and peach cobbler, so many just dealt with her poor attitude and abrasive customer service. To refresh your memory, one cold night in 2005, her crass comments were directed to the wrong table, and one diner took it to the inboxes of every food media outlet in town. An onslaught of hate ensued. One of our favorite Digital Cities reader comments:

Osama Bin Laden is decked-out in Euro Trash drag and passing himself off as Cynthia, the foul-mouthed and abusive dictator that runs this cafe'.
We just called to confirm the story and were told that as of this summer, Larissa Merriman (who worked with Cynthia) is the owner, kept the staff, the name, and—most importantly—the chicken. But expect a name change soon, to Restaurant 3, with a few menu changes as well. We'll keep you posted. As for Cynthia, unconfirmed reports say she left town.
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