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Sunset Beach: The Grand Re-Opening

Went to the grand opening of the open-then-closed Sunset Beach last night, and all we got was a sweet tangerine cocktail, too-close views of oversized breasts, and a guy wearing a fur coat. Ah... the Sunset Strip. The space is huge. The first floor has sunset colored walls, white plastic furniture, a sand pit, and lots of blue light evoking the ocean. Our FOE (friend of Eater) fondly remembered the "black hole of gross," once the second floor of Dublin's, as we sat in silver and white banquettes in a room that now felt kind of like a yacht. We asked a server if the restaurant was open yet, and looking equally confused and suspicious, she said that (duh!) this was the grand opening, so yes, it will be open. We're still suspicious, but did note that the menu was a condensed version of what we saw in the first few weeks. PR confirmed that dinner service resumed last night and will continue on, but we'll believe it when we eat it.