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No Salumi Thief Can Stop the Mozza

We've heard of meat crimes before, but it was usually crackheads stealing pork chops from an East Baltimore neighborhood grocery store. In L.A., meat crimes are apparently de rigueur for receding-hairline, khaki-wearing yuppies. One guy's taste buds just couldn't wait for the Nov. 14 opening of Batalitonianisch's Pizzeria Mozza so he crawled in a window and stole $700 of Armandino Batali's cured meats, plus a 13-pound of imported Italian mortadella sausage [insert any "Is that a mortadella in your pocket or..." joke here].

Silverton says that when she told the elder Batali about the theft, he laughed. "He thought it was hilarious," she says. "In fact, it seemed like maybe he was even a little honored."

All flattery aside, Silverton says the theft won't inhibit the opening. Keep your eyes peeled for someone pushing Italian cold cut subs on the corner.

· Mozza's salumi is a hit--with theif [LA Times]