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Dish: J Restaurant & Lounge, The Prime Grill, Central Park, and more!

See, we're not all about the bad; we're here for the good, too! Introducing The Dish, our weekly look at notable openings around town (and this week, literally, it's all over town). Is that a present for lil 'ol us? Just stick it under the tree.

(1) J Restaurant & Lounge quietly opened downtown last month, and we're beginning to feel like we're the only ones who've checked it out yet. Is it packed? Doubt it, but it should be. Love the space. Exposed brick walls? Check. Huge patio? Check. Dance club? Check. Outdoor cigar lounge? Check. Requisite tuna tartare, fried calamari, and boring chocolate dessert on the menu? Unfortunately…sigh...check. [Eater LA]

(2) Also downtown, Weeneez, which has just as the name suggests, weeneez. [Blog Downtown]

(3) If there's one thing Beverly Hills doesn't need, it's another steakhouse. But a kosher steakhouse is another story. Enter New York import, The Prime Grill, which opened in the Rodeo Connection this past Sunday. It's still in soft-opening phase, but it's there and already offering specials for Chanukah. [The Jewish Journal]

(4) On that meaty note, Mastro's Steakhouse continues its expansion and quietly opened in Thousand Oaks on November 10. The Costa Mesa outpost opened earlier this year. [LA Daily News]

(5) Cal-American bistro Central Park took over the former Soda Jerks spot in Old Town Pasadena. In March of '05, we knew that the nearby Shakers peeps were moving into the much-loved ice cream shop, and this is what they've come up with. Still getting their feet wet, but the brunch mimosas are tres good. [Chowhound]

(6) Just as we mentioned a couple weeks ago... oh, wait, the curtains we're still drawn. Well, Blue Velvet officially opened downtown. [Daily Candy]