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Deathwatch Premiere! BlackSteel on the back burner

Ah, the tantalizingly diabolical Eater Deathwatch. It's not that we don't want the restaurants to succeed, it's just a known fact oh so many don't. Consider us the ticking clock, the sands in an hourglass, if you will. It's not scientific, mind you, it's just that guttural instinct one gets from time to time walking past a venue on life support, seeing 20% off lunch offers, or 8:45 Thursday night ghost towns. Sometimes we'll have all the details on Deathwatch listees, such as the closing date; other times, we'll just leave a dying venue to be. See a venue in need of monitoring? You know you do. Nominations now being accepted!

Not the most cheery thing to do on a sunny Friday morning, but it's a cold sunny morning, isn't it? A tipster called in yesterday and told us that BlackSteel is already closed. Honestly, we forgot it was already open. Found on Open Table:

BlackSteel is closed for regular dinner service through the end of 2006 and will only accept reservations for parties of 30 and above. Please contact the restaurant directly for your large party reservation. Regular service will resume January 2007.
We're not sure if it has something to do with the little marital problems one of its most connected patrons (she swears she's not a "partner," but her face is all over the website) has been having recently, or if the restaurant can make more money as a holiday events venue or what. But closing for a few months at the end of the year isn't the best sign. All those employees out of work, right at the holidays! Tragic.
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