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We interrupt this morning's posting to pose a question: Why no LA Times food blog?

As we troll the web for interesting, notable, newsworthy stories to bring your way this morning, we find this question rolling through our head: When will the LA Times finally launch food blog? Forget all the recent controversy over there--the LA Times is still one of the leading newspapers in the country. And yet, out of the 14 blogs they currently run (four dedicated to sports alone), not one is dedicated to the food/dining scene. This seriously lags behind the rest of the country. Frank Bruni, the NY Times leading critic has one; so does Michael Bauer, executive food and wine editor at the SF Chronicle. Gourmet editor-in-chief, and former LA Times critic, Ruth Reichl weighs in on the Epicurious blog. Hell, even the LA Daily News makes an attempt. Is it understaffing? No money? Fear of technology?

We're just sayin'...