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More bored chefs on TV: Silverton, Tracht on TODAY Show

There is a reason some chefs stay in the back of the house. Just caught Mozza's Nancy Silverton, Jar's Suzanne Tracht, and investor to both restaurants, "Everybody Loves Raymond" executive producer Philip Rosenthal, in a segment titled "Everybody Loves Eating" on the TODAY show. Roker was going crazy for Nancy's cheese, while Suzanne sat off to the side looking elegantly bored. He finally said to Suzanne, "We hear your pot roast is the best." With that unmistakable 'I came all this way for this?' look on her face, all she could muster was, "I guess so." 2.5 seconds later, everyone's miraculously eating pot roast sandwiches with horseradish cream. Phil kept talking up Mozza, willingly saying to a New York crowd that "It's the best pizza I've ever tasted." Later he quipped: "Having a restaurant like Jar or Mozza is like having a hit show." His hit show ended after nine years; hopefully Jar and Mozza can top that.
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