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EaterWire: La Belle Epoque, best and worst of '06, more

Via The Delicious Life

· "I almost rammed all up into the ass of this car. No no, tell us how you really feel. [The Delicious Life]

· Warner Ebbink will put his golden hipster touch on yet another longtime restaurant: La Belle Epoque, which will become Little Doms sometime next year (he hopes May, we'll guess July or August). Ebbink also co-owns 101 Coffee Shop and Dominick's (a personal favorite of Eater LA). [Eating L.A.]

· We mentioned Chowhound's call for the Best Restaurants of 2006; now someone wants to know the Worst Meals of 2006. We'd also like to point out that naming the worst meals is way more popular than naming the best. [Chowhound]