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Eater Headhunter: Mozza, Tengu Santa Monica, manage a celebrity chef

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes: Behold a new feature, Eater Headhunter. Here we take note of interesting job openings in the hospitality industry posted on job boards around town. Run across something notable yourself? The headhunter is listening.

(1) Pizzeria Mozza: Tables aren't the only things turnin' and burnin' at Mozza. Already needed: more servers and a reservationist, AKA someone who can politely say over and over again that "there's an opening for a table at 3pm or 11pm…yeah…no…until May." [Craig's List]

(2) Tengu Santa Monica: We've known for a long time that when the Ivy at the Shore moved down a few doors on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, the Tengu boys wanted to move in. That day has finally come: "Line cooks, prep cooks, & dishwashers needed for the hot new japanese style restaurant Tengu Santa Monica." [Craig's List]

(3) Chef Benjamin Christie: Babysit manage an up-and-coming Australian celebrity chef who's itching to make it big in the U.S.: "Currently looking for a manger to oversee the day to day business affairs and business development in the United States of America. Ideally located in New York or Los Angeles, the role will involve managing the business development side of the operation, allowing us to spend more time in the kitchen and in front of the camera. Make sure to put in the contract: No EVOO-like abbreviations allowed. []