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EaterWire: Sideways, MINX, Batali as banker, more trans fat bans

· LX.TV heads to Glendale this week for a chat with chef Joseph Antonishek at MINX, the well-lit restaurant/nightclub on the hill above the 134 freeway. How much our hostess Shira Lazar actually knows about food is suspect, but she perkily chats up the Minx chef about pan-fried lobsters, "the wrapping thing," and FedExed fish. [LX.TV]

· Chris Breed's presto-changeo of Sterling Steakhouse to Sideways Lounge is just about complete. Maybe they will come now. [LA.comfidential]

· Mario Batali thinks he looked goofy in his earlier shows. Now imagine him as a banker. [ via The Food Section]

· Instead of doing away with the never-ending salad bowl and breadsticks and all-you-can-eat shrimp dinners, Olive Garden and Red Lobster are next in line to ban trans fats. [CNN]