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Poll: Should LA Ban Trans Fats?

Los Angeles Business held an informal poll about restaurants banning the use of trans fats in LA. 49% said yes. Comments from the pollees included:

"Similar to auto insurance and the motorcycle helmet law, if my health insurance goes up because of other's bad eating/health habits, I'm all for banning trans fats."

"I would argue for 'free market' approaches except that when you're sitting at an expensive restaurant, you don't see the nutritional information like you would at the grocer."

Of course, the article doesn't say how many people were polled, where they live, what their income is, etc. so it could just be an intern walking around the Los Angeles Business office asking people what they think. But we thought the Eater LA audience would like to weigh in on this one: Should LA ban the use of trans fats in restaurants a la New York? Let us know and we'll tally up the response, apply our limited math skills and announce the results on Monday.
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