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EaterWire: More on Table 8, Artesia Bakery Closing, Two Hot Tamales

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· We told you that Table 8, which quietly closed for renovations, will reopen in Januaray, but some whispers on the wind say that's a bit too optimistic. Some insiders think it will most likely be February, maybe even March or April, which is (coincidentally) when chef Govind Armstrong's new cookbook comes out. [EaterWire]

· The Artesia Bakery, favored for Dutch baked goods for close to 40 years, is "temporarily" closed, but maybe moving to a new location. [Chowhound]

· The rest of the universe gets crappy, do-it-yourself furniture at IKEA, but the Two Hot Tamales—that's Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken to everyone who hasn't seen their 1995-99 Food Network series—opts for glogg and tubes of salmon paste. [LAist]