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When Chowhound Moderators Attack

We admit, Chowhound is an incredible resource, but it's not the best place for unbiased restaurant information. And by unbiased, we don't mean the obvious shills who use it to tout their restaurants (if they get by the moderators); we mean the moderators. Witness this little kerscuffle from a few days ago. Blogger Chubbypanda has a penchant for a particular sushi spot, but every time he tried to mention it on Chowhound, it was taken down:

A few minutes later I refreshed the page and was asked to log in. When I tried to do so, I received the message, "Login unsuccessful. Please check your Username and Password". The Chowhound Team had deleted my account. No explanations, no reply to my email, no attempt at further communication. I had failed to follow their orders and been excommunicated. It wasn't unexpected. I had lost a battle that I knew I wouldn't be able to win against a foe who, in that situation, held every advantage over me. Yet, I'd made my stand and stuck to my principles. I was done with Chowhound, and they were done with me.
We had another friend receive a personal email from the Chowhound moderators about a negative comment made about French restaurant Ortolan's test tube soups. The CH mods said the post had to come down and used words like "suspicious postings" and "shenanigans" and weren't currently "accepting posts about Ortolan right now." Let freedom reign.
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