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EaterWire: Frascati Moves, Du-Par's Reopens, EM's Replacement, More

We're cleaning out the ol' inbox for a fresh start in 2007. Got a tip for us in the New Year? Drop us a line.

· Charming South Bayer Frascati moved to a smaller space, with a limited menu, and only serving beer and wine. The restaurant opened in 2003, but Redondo Beachsters just didn't catch on; hopefully the new Avenue of Palso Verdes location and an expanded menu of pizzas, pastas and tapas will help. [EaterWire]

· After chef Anne Conness left EM Bistro a couple years ago, it never got its legs back and finally closed in 2005. Then it transformed into Solare, which closed faster than you can say "another boring Cal-Ital spot closed." A tipster sends word that next in line is Jian, but we don't know what it is, when it will open, or who owns it. Do you? [EaterWire Inbox]

· You want pancakes, people, you got pancakes: Du-Par's finally reopened at the Farmers Market on December 26. [LAist]

· In case you weren't interested in what Miss Irene had to say about one O.C. restaurant, there are plenty more to choose from. [OC Weekly]