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NYE Eating in Pasadena When They Fill the Streets

Floating via Corey Porter's Rose Parade Flickr stream

Oh, right. The 118th Tournament of Roses Parade is three days away. For anyone who lives in Pasadena (ie. this editor), the day they start putting up stands along Colorado Blvd. is cringe-inducing. When friends invite Pasadeans to NYE parties, we intricately plan our routes for getting in and out of town--avoiding the massive craziness that is the 5.5-mile route--or just hole up and don't leave the house for two days. However, there are 1.2 million people that show up, blocking access to our favorite weekend coffee and pastry shop (EuroPane), who probably want sustenance before and after the parade. For you, good luck finding anything beyond the Carl's Jr. Crazier still, some actually plan a New Year's Eve outing while entire families camp out on the streets. For you, some options.