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The Year in Eater LA Part 4: Biggest Surprise of '06

We're rounding the bend... only two more two go, and one you definitely don't want to miss.

Image via optionthis' Flickr stream.


Lonny Pugh, editor in chief and dining guru, After so many high-profile closures in fall 2005, the number of mega-restaurants opening every week continues to amaze me.

Anne Alderete, Tuna Toast, or as some might know her, Tokyoastrogirl: Roy's in downtown Los Angeles. We went one night on a whim and wow- the food, presentation and service were fabulous.

Dana Harris, Variety film editor and editrix of The Knife: E. Baldi was better than it has to be; nothing seems to kill Italian restaurants in Beverly Hills.

Rosie O'Neill, Colleen Cuisine: Good surprise: a dessert trend that is actually "good for you" (or at least, won't make you fat). Bad surprise: hearing that David Myers and Kazunori Nozawa were no longer opening Sokyo.

Pat Saperstein, Eating L.A.: Upscale fast food, like Eagle Rock's Oinkster and Spitz, and gourmet fast cafes, like Cafe Surfas. Although the Oinkster gets mixed reviews, all these places have realized there's a place for really good quality ingredients, fun shakes and sodas and good desserts to go alongside well-thought out sandwiches and salads.

LB: That you need a reservation for a pizza place, and that the only one that's available is 11pm. Oh, and that in a land of fusion cuisine, nobody "got" Caribbean, Floribbean, New American, whatever you want to call it, at Norman's, and it had to close.

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