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The Year in Eater LA Part 3: Favorite Meal

More picks for the Eater LA end of year roundup. Stay tuned for more!

Cut via Design Dad's Flickr stream (hi Robert!)


Lonny Pugh, editor in chief and dining guru, A tasting from Josef Centeno at Meson G (RIP) (ed. note: the restaurant, not the chef; he's at Opus now, also on Mr. Pugh's list)

Anne Alderete, Tuna Toast, or as some might know her, Tokyoastrogirl: I guess I will just make it easy and say the many, many brunches I've had at the Coffee Table in Eagle Rock since my husband and I go there almost every weekend.

Rosie O'Neill, Colleen Cuisine: White truffle dinner at Angelini Osteria

Pat Saperstein, Eating L.A.: It may not be the most au courant cuisine in L.A., but Thai food is pretty much my all-time favorite kind of food. So it's not surprising that perhaps my favorite meals this year were at Renu Nakorn and Swan Thai.

LB: I loved Cut, we went all out. Still dream of the super sweet, simple corn side dish. But my favorite dish this year had to be the Tuesday night special crispy duck with lentils at Mozza. I'd go back for that before the pizza any day. I'll leave the amazing Vegas meals I've had for another day.

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