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The Year in Eater LA Part 2: Top Standbys for '06

We continue our look at the Los Angeles dining scene in 2006. More coming up shortly...

BLD via I_M_BONBON from the Eater LA Flickr Pool


Lonny Pugh, editor in chief and dining guru, BLD, Square One, Buddha's Belly on my corner.

Anne Alderete, Tuna Toast, or as some might know her, Tokyoastrogirl: Bistro K in Pasadena- honestly, some of the most creative, unique and top-notch food at amazingly low prices. The fact that they have no corkage fee makes it even better. Mozza, again, some of the best pizza I've ever had. I adore the fresh cheese and chewy crust. The butterscotch budino isn't too shabby either. Briganti in South Pasadena.

Dana Harris, Variety film editor and editrix of The Knife: God bless Lou, BLD should be duplicated in every neighborhood, and El Metate, in my 'hood of Highland Park, is the best Mexican food I've had in Los Angeles.

Rosie O'Neill, Colleen Cuisine: Angelini Osteria, Sushi Nozawa, Jar.

Pat Saperstein, Eating L.A.: got back in touch with my meat-eating side at old-timers Taylor's and the Pacific Dining Car.

LB: Japon Bistro because it's close, EuroPane because it's close and it has the best pastries and sandwiches in Pasadena, Jar for those chips and dip and martinis at the bar, and Zeke's Smokehouse for barbecue.

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