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EaterWire: Food in the mouth, sex on the brain

LA restaurants are as much about carnal pleasures as gustatory ones:

(1) HotelChatter rounds up comments about Simon L.A. at the Sofitel, where "that's one hot dish" could have 25 meanings: "And speaking of visual, the eye candy is out of this world. Anyone over 30 should bring extra batteries for their pacemaker - the risk is well worth the reward!" Miss Irene couldn't disagree more. [HotelChatter]

(2) Comments on the Birds Citysearch review have the typical mash-up of love and ire, but one offers details for a Birds booty call. We'll let you click through for the who, the why, and the when. The reader who sent this in said, "Poor Birds." We'll just say this now: Poor Nan. Wait. No, poor whatever guy is desperate enough to know Nan.[Citysearch]