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Ask Eater LA: Barfly and Yu under construction, and the search for a Barefoot chef

Barfly, back in the day

Ask, and you shall receive. Want to know what's going on in your neck of the woods? Know what's going on in your neck of the woods? Whatever you know or want to know just email us, and we'll post the question and answers every week. Come back Thursday for answers to today's questions.

· West Hollywood: Remember when Brad and Jen were canoodling at Barfly? Sigh... those were the days. But we all know that today's hot spot is tomorrow's construction site. A reader writes in: "There's construction going on inside 8730 Sunset Blvd (most recently Barfly). A sign on the door stated "No Visitors, Construction Inside". What's happening at the former Barfly space? Drinks for all my friends that know.

· Beverly/Fairfax: "Barefoot has recently gotten a new chef and menu. I was in love with the old menu and chef; do you have any idea who the former chef was and where I can find them now? I know I am not the only Angeleno searching for the deliciousness that was once Barefoot!!!" We know you aren't, sweetie. Old Barefoot chef: Where are you?

· Santa Monica: It seemed like just yesterday when Yu, Yi, Kai, and Koi lead the pack of monosyllabic restaurant names. Kai had to change to MaKai; Yi is now Celadon; and Yu? "Any word on the status of Yu Restaurant on Montana Ave in Santa Monica. It closed down many moons ago and I remember reading a posted note saying after renovations they would reopen in the fall. Fall has come and gone and I haven't seen any progress." After calling the restaurant and hearing words like "closed for renovations" and "will reopen in mid-September," we admit, we're intrigued. Will Yu reopen or will it be our next Deathwatch contender?

If you don't have the scoop, we will (we promise). Email us your tips, bonus points for photos. Check back on Thursday for the good stuff.