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Jamba Juice strawberry warning

One of the Times' "most read" stories right now is the Jamba Juice strawberry warning for Arizona, Nevada and Southern California. For all the non-eaters-who-only-drink-smoothies-but-forget-how-many-calories-are-in-one-smoothie: That post-Thanksgiving 'cleansing' might have been something worse. From the Jamba Juice official website:

If any Jamba Juice customer purchased a product with strawberries from one of its affected stores between November 25 and December 1, and has concerns – especially those who have experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms – they should call the Jamba Juice consumer help line at 1-877-464-5689 or consult their healthcare provider.
Recalling a smoothie? Could get messy. And on a related note: What the heck is happening in the Salinas Valley produce region these days? First spinach, now strawberries. What would John Steinbeck do?
· Jamba Juice warns consumers about smoothie contamination