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EaterWire: Why we love trans fats and more

Photo via chotda's Flickr page, found in the Eater LA Photo Pool

· Being a city of waifs, the trans fat ban seems like it was made for LA. But what about the doughnuts, people. THE DOUGHNUTS. [LAT, Daily News]

· The Pinkberry onslaught continues (we think). A tipster sends in an unconfirmed report that "Weiner Factory in Sherman Oaks will become the latest unit of Pinkberry - what a letdown if so." [Eater LA Inbox]

· Community service announcement for today: If you start feeling guilty about all the food, calories, booze, booze, and more booze you're consuming this holiday season, remember that if you put down the crab tartlet, it's not going to waste. Angel Harvest, the self-titled "Robin Hood of the gourmet food scene," is driving around town picking up all the leftover tartares and créme brulees from the fancy parties and delivering it to the city's hungriest. If you absolutely must eat that tartlet, donate to the cause with something you can part with: money. [Eater LA Inbox]