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Chefs in and out at Sunset Beach and Napa Valley Grille

All the brouhaha over Sunset Beach opening and closing has caused at least one casualty: Chef Joseph Gillard is movin' on mere weeks after its opening. Gillard will take up digs at Napa Valley Grille in Westwood around the first of the year. From the rumor mill: There's much disorganization at the new Sunset Strip mega-lounge/restaurant, and we're interested to see if it can ever get its doors fully open.

This means one of our favorites, Anne Conness, is moving on from the Napa Valley Grill. After wowing diners at Em Bistro, Anne did wonders for the menu at the Westwood mega-space. Her menus somehow made dining at the huge restaurant more intimate; we often forgot we were at a semi-chain. Anne is reportedly taking some time off and has some plans in the works for her own space, possibly in the Long Beach area, where she lives.
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