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Ask Eater Answers: News on Yu, Barfly space, Barefoot

You asked, so you shall (partially) receive. We promised answers to Tuesday's Ask Eater questions, and we found what we could. We're not perfect, but you love us anyway. Send along questions for next week. No regifting.

(1) West Hollywood: A tipster sends word that a company called One LA Management "will be in charge of the new place called One Sunset in the former Barfly space that you can drive by and miss nearly every time." Now, to find out about One Sunset...

(2) Bevely/Fairfax: It's true that Barefoot has gone through some changes, including hiring new chef Shawn Davis and changing the menu a bit. The GM says they're still tweaking things here and there, so maybe expect more changes in the future. As for the former Barefoot chef, we don't know where he landed.

(3) Santa Monica: Trolling for answers about Yu Restaurant & Lounge in Santa Monica, we got the equivalent of blank stares from SBE, the group that owns the property. So we went to SBE's PR, BNC: "Yu is still closed and right now we really don't have any update on the reopening plans." Phone message still says "reopening in approximately mid-September." We know that's not true, so we'll keep on 'em.