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EaterWire: Saveur 100 Correction, The Village Idiot, and One Chef's Culinary Seed

· Earlier today we listaged that Du-Par's made the Saveur 100 list, but we were wrong, as many a reader told us. That was last year. Sorry folks! It's good to know you have our backs. We don't have Saveur with us right now (probably sitting in a pile of mail at home), so we didn't verify it. Our bad. Well, no. Their bad. [EaterWire Inbox]

· After yesterday's Inside look at The Village Idiot, a reader writes: "While we all remember Chianti Cucina, assuming we have lived here long enough, how many people remember the subsequent Cafe Maurice (not the one on La Cienega of previous times with a slightly different spelling - Meurice), Rio Samba, or Viva incarnations, all in a space of around 3 years? Thought not!!!" Three restaurants in three years? Good bones, bad restaurants? Maybe the Idiot concept will work. [EaterWire Inbox]

· Rodelio Aglibot, former chef at Koi and Yi Cuisine, has been spreading his culinary seed around town of late. He consulted on the menu at Empress, which opened on the Sunset Strip last year; he was in and then out at soon-to-open Penthouse at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica; and now he's helped along 626 Wine Bar downtown. [LA Downtown News]