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Post-Plywood: Passing the Ketchup

We hear that the Dolce Group's Sunset Millennium restaurant, Ketchup, is about to start friends and family service any day now, which means that a soft opening isn't far behind. Few details are trickling in: We know it's taking over the short-lived Rika space, which is on the second floor of one building; that it's very very very white with red glass orb light fixtures, which resemble tomatoes; and some kind of Heinz-esque art hangs on the wall. Ketchup, get it? The menu remains a mystery, but we know it's "all-American" and has been described as "cool," and there are rumors of a $25 sloppy Joe. That sloppy Joe better be made out of real Kobe beef and 12 inches in diameter or we're not biting. If you happen to pass by the space, pictures and thoughts are welcome. You know what to do.
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