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Plywood Sneak: Terroni

By the looks of this picture taken last weekend, construction for Terroni is in full swing in the former Authentic Cafe space. Chowhounds took note a couple months ago and disclosed that Terroni is a Toronto-based Italian restaurant with "the best thin crust pizza in North America." Why Toronto pizza? We can't even get good New York-style pizza. We dug a little deeper, and found out that the owner is Shereen Arazm, the sole female in the Dolce Group boy's club. Along with Terroni, rumored to open this March, Arazm's opening an intimate Japanese restaurant, Davina, near Hollywood Boulevard and Las Palmas Avenue. She tells the Los Angeles Business Journal that it's all about small restaurants vs. the Geisha Houses of the world right now:

"Everybody wants to be a nightclub, a dance club, to be Sam Nazarian. Right now, I want to do restaurants and less of the mega-club. We don’t need another 10,000 people coming into Hollywood for another nightclub.”
Arazm's name isn't on the license notice (pictured next page), but we know from her bio that she's a native of Toronto. Ahh... now it all makes sense.
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Paper still on all the windows; no signage for Terroni yet

Name change notice posted