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When in Rome LA, Drink Free Wine

LA Foodblogging tips us off that your dinner drink this weekend will be on HBO's tab. We're talking free wine. To promote the season premiere of "Rome," diners at a handful of Italian restaurants today through Saturday will get a card that reads: "A taste of 'Rome' awaits you. Ask server for details." Should you accept, you'll get a free half-bottle of cabarnet. If you've never seen "Rome," it's usually chock-full of lust, power struggles, blood, sex—perfect wine drinking stuff. Oh, and the wine isn't from Italy; it's from California, natch. This is Hollywood, people. It's the label that counts; not what's inside. Click through for the full list of participating restaurants.
· Free Wine From HBO [LA Foodblogging]

Stinking Rose--Beverly Hills
Vivoli—West Hollywod
Il Grano--Santa Monica
Marco’s--West Hollywood
San Gennaro--Brentwood
Café Med--West Hollywood
Café Med--Hollywood
Mio Babbo’s--Westwood
Palermo--Los Feliz
Louise’s Trattoria--Hollywood
Farfalla Trattoria-- Hollywood
Rosti-- Hollywood
Rosti—Santa Monica
Rosti- Beverly Hills
Massimo- Santa Monica
Louise’s Trattoria-Los Feliz
Louise’s Trattoria- Brentwood
Louise’s’s Trattoria-Santa Monica
Louise’s Trattoria—West LA
Louise’s Trattoria—Studio City
Louise’s Trattoria-Hancock Park
Rafallo’s Hollywood—Sunset Strip
Rafallo’s Hollywood--La Brea
Rafallo’s Hollywood--La Cienaga
Sor Tino—Hollywood
Sor Tino—Brentwood