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Mao's Kitchen Opening on Melrose

Via Malavagma's photostream

This Mao's Kitchen mural in Hollywood has piqued everyone's curiousity. A reader emailed us about it this week, and some Chowhounds recently wondered. You've come to the right place for answers: Mao's Kitchen, a Venice neighborhood Chinese restaurant, is opening a second outpost on Melrose sometime soon (the website says this month). We're staying vague on the date for a reason, mainly this cryptic message from Mao's plumber:

"I works for maos kitchen in the plumbing of his restaurant and have been call out to do city standards to meet city codes for new restaurant believe me he want to open asap so it depend on city inspector to pass final then we are cooking wth fire."
Such drama! Are Mao's owners moving too fast? Will everything be in place? Will the plumbing work? Keep your eyes peeled. If you see anything, report back.

Additionally, the new Mao's is looking for servers and counter help.
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