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2007: The Year of Ramsay

To prove we're lovers and not fighters, we make this public service announcement to all local restaurants in hopes of keeping you off the Eater Deathwatch: Gordon Ramsay is bringing his wildly popular "Kitchen Nightmares" show to LA. Ramsay, a temperamental chef with a penchant for expletives and his "infamous lack of patience with sloppy standards in the kitchen," is looking for failing LA-area restaurants in need of his expertise. The Craigslist ad reads like a veritable Tony Robbins commercial:

· Has your restaurant been open for many years and you are barely covering the bills?
· Are you a first-time owner who sank your life savings into the restaurant and it’s not making it?
· Are you an experienced restaurateur and your newest venture is not taking off?
· Are your food costs, liquor costs and staffing expenses too high to survive?
· Are you in a fantastic location and you still don’t appeal to the customers?
· Do the Chef, Staff & Owner have differing visions of the restaurant?
· Is the communication between the kitchen and front of house bad?
· Have you tried everything to increase business and nothing helps?

If you are passionate about turning your fortunes around, then we would love to hear from you.

This means that Ramsay is doing triple-time here this year—filming a new season of "Hell's Kitchen"; opening his restaurant at what will soon be the London Hotel; and now, spreading his culinary genius to ailing restaurants. We officially dub 2007: The Year of Ramsay.
· Casting Restaurant Owners: Gordon Ramsay wants to boost your business! [Craigslist]
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