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Eater Headhunter: Erotic Sushi Bar Needs You

Here we take note of interesting job openings in the hospitality industry posted on job boards around town. Run across something notable yourself? The headhunter is listening.

Hadaka, a Plywood we told you about in December, is surely the "erotic sushi bar" looking for servers via this ad on Craigslist. But let's be perfectly clear—if the words naked ('hadaka' is Japanese for 'naked') and sushi are combined, there's a certain level of hotness required.

We seek MODELS AND ACTORS with outgoing, fun-spirited personalities; excellent customer relations a must. We expect a serious, hard working staff willing to explore their playful sides – wit and whimsy are a must! Please email resumes to the attached address, and we will contact you as soon as possible (HEADSHOTS A PLUS). Please dress accordingly.
So let's break this down:
(1) Looking for models and actresses = If you can take an order and deliver a California roll at the same time, don't apply.
(2) Dress accordingly = Wear as little fabric as possible.
(3) Headshots = Just a formality; no one will be looking at your face.

Interviews are by appointment only.
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