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Plywood and ShutterWood Special: Doughboys Opening on Highland, La Belle Epoque Shuttered

PLYWOOD: We heard a second Doughboys location was opening last summer, but that's all we heard---just words. But it's a new year and behold: pictorial proof. MonkeyMica dropped this picture in the Eater LA Flickr pool, and just look at all that beautiful signage. Debates about quality at the original location are ongoing, so this is either great for Hollywood locals or bad for fans of the original; if there's one thing to stretch a staff, it's an owner's expansion plans, and the first to feel it are the customers. [EaterWire/Eater LA]

SHUTTERWOOD: A reader confirms what others already knew: La Belle Epoque is really, really closed. "Yes, La Belle has hit the paper trail, and Little Dom's is in its future." The latter is Italian. [EaterWire Inbox]

See something happening in your 'hood? We love the clanking sound a tip makes when it hits the bottom of the jar.